Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Othello Act 4 questions

Act IV, Scene 1 1. In the first 30 lines of 4.1, how has the relationship between Iago and Othello changed since 3.3? 2. Why does Othello lose consciousness at 4.1.35 -- 44? How does Iago explain what happened? Why? 3. Explain how Iago stages the dual, simultaneous manipulation of Cassio and Othello at 4.1.95 -- 144. 4. Do you think Iago anticipated Bianca's appearance at line 145? How is he able to use her arrival to further his deception? 5. What's different about Othello's attitude toward Desdemona lines 178 -- 210? What causes this change? 6. Explain what is happening in the sequence at 4 .1. 218 -- 261? Why "goats and monkeys!" 7. How does Iago manipulate Lodovico in the last 20 lines of 4.1? Act IV, Scene 2 1. What does Othello mean when he addresses Emilia in lines 27 -- 30? 2. According to Othello what's the worst part of being a cuckold? 3. Where in Act 4.2 does Desdemona finally start to fight back? Explain her physical reaction right after Othello leaves at line 92. 4. Where in this scene does Emilia almost figure out what happened? Explain her husband's reaction to her speculations. 5. Who is the first person in the play to figure out Iago's deception? How is Iago able to manipulate this person, even after the truth is known? Act IV, Scene 3 1. What is the point of Act 4.3? 2. Explain the difference between Desdemona's and Emilia's attitudes toward adultery. 3. Explain exactly how Iago manipulates every single person who appears in this scene. 4. Explain the significance of Iago's lines at 4.3.18 --20. 5. Why does Iago accuse Bianca of involvement in the attack on Cassio? How is he able to make the case against her?

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